lemon coffee is the best way to lose weight quickly coffee and lemon recipe lemon and coffee weight loss tiktok black coffee with lemon

lemon coffee is the best way to lose weight quickly

lemon coffee, Magic drink that melts away weight? Everyone wants one, surely? A miraculous concoction is currently making rounds because of theĀ health experts from the armchair via TikTok.

A splash of lemon juice in your coffee drink can be in the process of forming a weight-loss solution. All you have to do is drink the mixture and watch the extra pounds melt away!

The idea is making quite a buzz on the platform’s social media … as well that’s not solely due to the caffeine from the cups of Joe. The videos of the diet pill have received a million views (and more).

Is drinking lemon in coffee the secret to losing weight? Let’s learn more from Registered Dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD.

What is lemon coffee?

The most basic description of the beverage is coffee with lemon serves as an ingredient list too. The most commonly used mix is believed to be the juice of half of a lemon squeezed into a cup of standard black coffee.

lemon coffee is the best way to lose weight quickly
coffee and lemon recipe
lemon and coffee weight loss tiktok
black coffee with lemon

The flavor is different from what you would expect to be delicious. This could be why the steaming beverage of “lemon coffee” isn’t featured on menus at local cafes.

Avoid adding lemon juice to lattes unless you’re a fan of curdled milk. (Blech!)

Iced coffee sweetened has some culinary ties to lemons in certain cultures. For example, a drink known as Mazagran was invented in Algeria around two centuries ago and is still very popular in Portugal.

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Are the weight loss claims true?

The answer is simple: No. Lemons don’t have any special fat-burning properties, says Czerwony. The squeeze of lemon’s pucker-inducing juice isn’t going to aid in fitting a slimmer pair of jeans.

“That mechanism of action is just not there,” Czerwony says. Czerwony. “There is anything in lemon juice that can make fat burn or any chemical link to create that effect. It’s not as simple as that.”

How did this lemon-in-coffee weight loss trick come about? Most likely, it was because of similarly-themed claims of lemons in water. claims.

Drinking a glass or two of H2O with a slice of lemon is frequently cited as a way to lose weight. It’s not due to any magical properties possessed by lemons, however. It’s more due to the water filling your stomach without calories.

“The water keeps you fuller, which works to keep down hunger cues that make you want to eat,” Explains Czerwony.

Coffee offers the same weight-loss benefit and stimulates your metabolism with caffeine. However, healthy eating plans revolve around something other than drinking coffee, whether lemon or not, according to Czerwony.

Are there any advantages of adding lemons to your coffee?

Lemons have several good nutritional benefits. As with many citrus fruits, lemons are a good supply of Vitamin C. Citric acid found contained in lemons can aid digestion and reduce the risk of kidney stones. Additionally, lemons provide an enticing flavor front.

“Lemons are a perfectly fine fruit,” Czerwony explains. “They’re just not magic when it comes to weight loss.”

The dangers of adding lemons to coffee

lemon coffee is the best way to lose weight quickly
coffee and lemon recipe
lemon and coffee weight loss tiktok
black coffee with lemon

Lemon juice can cause heartburn due to the high concentration of citric acid. This is especially true when you’ve had a previous history in the past of acid reflux. This acid can be rough on enamel over time, especially if it is in sufficient quantities.

What is the biggest danger to the addition of lemon juice to coffee? “You’re probably going to ruin a good cup of coffee,” Czerwony says. Czerwony.

Also, is lemon coffee worth trying?

Everyone is always searching for the “one thing” that’ll make a difference to the number of people who weigh in, according to Czerwony. Chia seeds caught the attention of people for a short time. Similar to apple cider vinegar and grapefruit.

“I understand why these weight-loss fads become popular,” says Czerwony. “They’re inspired by-products which are all-natural, available in our kitchens, and offer certain health advantages. They might be effective.

“But If these techniques were proven and tried, everyone would have been practicing these things for years and have been successful. There aren’t any quick fixes for losing weight.”

Do you want to add lemon to coffee to increase the amount of coffee consumed? “It’s not something I’d recommend,” Czerwony says. Czerwony. “So unless you just like the taste for some reason, I’d stay away from this TikTok trend.”