Escape Academy: All Puzzle Solutions Guide

Escape Academy: All Puzzle Options Information

There are dozens of puzzles in Escape Academy. Some are straightforward to determine by yourself, however others are actual head-scratchers and might preserve you from shifting on to the sport’s subsequent chapters. In case you’re looking for the entire solutions, codes, combos, and instructions, this information has what you are searching for. 

Here is easy methods to resolve the entire puzzles in Escape Academy, beginning on the introduction and shifting by the sport sequentially. 

All Puzzle Options in Escape Academy

Introduction Puzzles

  • Field code: 1230.
  • Secure code: FREE.
  • TV distant instructions: Up, Proper, Down, Up, Proper.
  • Enterprise card order: JEB, ALLIE, EEL.

The Entrance Examination Puzzles

  • Desk telephone quantity: 952-4242.
  • Exit Door #1 identify: Solange.
  • Briefcase code: 253.
  • E book order: Egypt, Japan, Greece.
  • Piano notes: D, E, A, D.
  • Exit Door #2 identify: Jacqueline.
  • Exit Door #3 identify: Sandra Jacqueline Solange.

Escape Artist Puzzles

  • Locker code: 139.
  • Slip’s Workplace code: Purple, Purple, Yellow, Inexperienced.
  • Artwork Lab code: Proper, Left, Proper, Up, Down, Down.
  • Secure code: Center Row Left, Center Row Proper, Backside Row Left.
  • Vase #1 place: Half-open mouth.
  • Vase #2 place: Each eyes look to the proper aspect.
  • Vase #3 place: Each eyebrows, directed to the highest proper.
  • Max bust place: Left.
  • Megan bust place: Proper.
  • Belen bust place: Left.
  • Fergus bust place: Proper.
  • Smash busts so as of: Timmy, Michelle, Windsor.
  • Order busts by peak of: Girls, Man with Glasses, Girl with Glasses, Bald Man, Man in Hat.

Beneath Strain Puzzles

  • Door code: [def], [def], [abc], [pqr].
  • Wall values order: Yellow: 3, Blue: 4, Purple: 6.
  • Ladder #1 code: [vwx], [ghi], [jkl], [jkl].
  • MK5 protected code: Circle, Circle, Sq., Cross, Sq..
  • Ladder #2 code: [stu], [jkl], [mno], [vwx].
  • Ladder #3 code: [yz], [mno], [stu], [pqr].
  • Ladder #4 code: [mno], [ghi], [mno], [def].
  • Terminal reply: FEAR WILL SLOW YOUR MIND.

The Breakout Puzzles

  • Radio enter: 10-4.
  • Headmaster serial quantity: 160.
  • Headmaster reply #1: 10-10.
  • Headmaster reply #2: 2.
  • Headmaster reply #3: 503.
  • Machine lock positions: As soon as down, Twice up, Twice down, As soon as down, Twice up.
  • Headmaster reply #4: 24213.
  • Letter terminal reply: C, H, A, R, G, E.
  • Turret serial quantity: 713.

Lab Rat Puzzles

  • Merchandising machine reply: C4.
  • Laptop password: Sq., Circle, Sq., Triangle, Circle.
  • Reset password: SAFER.
  • Lever order: E, B, D, H, F, G, C, A.

Trial by Style Puzzles

  • Microwave timer: 3:35.
  • Freezer code: Sq., Ring, U-Form, Sq..
  • Lazy Susan spin order: Clockwise till proper, Anti-clockwise till left, Clockwise till down.
  • Current code: Purple, Yellow, Purple, Blue.
  • Blackboard machine code: Prime, Proper, Prime, Backside.
  • Belladonna poison treatment recipe:

    • 1 Belladonna sprint.
    • 3 Calabar sprint.
    • 1 Mineral water.
    • 1 Shaker.

The Tea Kettle Puzzles

  • Shed code: ABKZ.
  • Device order: Spanner, Brush, Brush, Wrench, Wrench, Brush, Brush, Spanner.
  • Tile puzzle solutions:

    • Backside proper: Blue Sunflower with Stripes.
    • Heart left: White-Inexperienced Tulip.
    • Heart proper: White-Black Sunflower.
    • Prime proper: White-Inexperienced Sunflower.

  • Flower order: D, C, A, B, E.
  • Button order: Purple, Inexperienced, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Yellow.
  • Sereni-Tea machine code: GTT-TAG.

The Rival Room Puzzles

  • Gear order:

    • Backside left: Giant gear.
    • Far proper: Medium gear.
    • Heart: Small gear.

  • Statue names: MAX, WYATT, TIMMY.
  • Weights and values: 1KG (Purple), 2KG (Blue), 4KG (Orange), 3KG (Inexperienced), 5KG (White).
  • Weight order:

    • 7KG: White on x1, Purple on x2.
    • 9KG: Inexperienced on x3.
    • 14KG: Orange on x3, Blue on x1.

  • Rotation Chamber puzzle solutions:

    1. Purple Proper.
    2. Inexperienced Proper.
    3. Purple Proper.
    4. Purple Proper.
    5. Purple Left.
    6. Orange Proper.

  • Bell order: G, E, A, E, D.
  • Puzzle sq. #1 reply: Left (Pig’s head), Center (Wings), Proper (Pig’s tail).
  • Puzzle sq. #2 reply: Up, Proper, Up, Left, Down.
  • Puzzle sq. #3 reply: 1st row (1c, 5c, 10c), 2nd row (1c, 10c, 1c).
  • Taking part in playing cards puzzle reply: Coronary heart (Ok), Spade (7), Diamond (Q), Membership (3).
  • Padlock code: BANE.
  • Marbles puzzle reply: Yellow, Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Orange, Orange.

Tea ‘N Tea Puzzles

  • Radio station: 900AM.
  • Bomb letter order: A: Up, B: Down, C: Down, D: Down, E: Up, F: Up.
  • Toolbox code: 1178.
  • Briefcase code: 143.
  • Door Buster recipe:

    • RDX: 60%
    • Solvent: 10%
    • Plasticizer: 30%

  • Gentle configuration:

    • White White.
    • Black White.
    • Black Black.
    • White White.

  • Dice grid code: A4, B6, д2.
  • Wires to chop: Yellow, Inexperienced.

The place There’s Smoke Puzzles

  • Phrase to flip: THROUGH.
  • Chest #1 mixture: Proper, Proper, Up, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left.
  • Chest #2 code: 2257.
  • Clock puzzle reply:

    1. Giant clock: Center crank to six.
    2. Center clock: Proper crank to 2.
    3. Small clock: Left crank to 10.

  • Chest #3 code: 6869.
  • Image puzzle solutions:

    • Blue: BJS
    • Purple: TVO
    • Yellow: GJSF

  • Tile puzzle reply: Anvil, Lion, Chicken, Scale.

The Confrontation Puzzles

  • Central bottle fill depth: 4 Items.
  • Container puzzle solutions:

    • Proper container: Center.
    • Left container: Proper.
    • Proper container: Center.
    • Left container: Proper.
    • Center container: Left.
    • Left container: Proper.
    • Proper container: Center.

What Lies Beneath Puzzles

  • Lockpad puzzle reply:

    1. Begin at 0.
    2. Flip clockwise to 10.
    3. Flip Anti-clockwise to 25.
    4. Flip clockwise to fifteen.

  • Letter choice order: A, C, E.
  • Testing machine #1 reply: B, C, D.
  • Testing machine #2 reply: A, D, E.
  • Column puzzle resolution: C (shortest), B (quick), A (medium), E (tall), D (Tallest).
  • Testing machine #3 reply: B, D.
  • Tank puzzle resolution: A (Bromine), B (Fluoride), C (Cobalt Oxide), D (Water), E (Fluoride).
  • QUANTY puzzle #1 reply: W, I, P, E.
  • QUANTY puzzle #2 reply: S, T, O, P.
  • QUANTY puzzle #3 reply: R, E, F, R, E, S, H.
  • QUANTY puzzle #4 reply: U, N, D, O.
  • QUANTY puzzle #5 reply: O, P, E, N, U, P.
  • QUANTY puzzle #6 reply: S, H, U, T, D, O, W, N.

These are all puzzle options in Escape Academy. A part of the enjoyable is fixing these riddles and mind teaser your self, nevertheless it’s no enjoyable to get caught.

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